Market Research

Working with you to get the critical information you need for sound decisions.

Information critical to making important decisions about your business:

Manter Consulting is a full-service custom market research firm that helps organizations meet their strategic objectives.

We start every engagement by understanding the business decisions that must be made and determining how research can best answer the most relevant questions. Each client's unique challenges deserve a customized research plan. When traditional approaches do not work, we design "out-of-the-box" solutions.

Our adaptive approach, full range of services, strategic analysis and personal attention have earned us long term relationships with organizations across the country.

How Clients Use Information:

  • Monitoring and measurement of marketing strategies

  • Determining market positioning

  • Understanding new market opportunities

  • Determining customer satisfaction

  • Clarifying customer preferences and behaviors

  • Understanding competitors

  • Determining employee satisfaction

What We Do:

  • Telephone studies

  • Mail studies

  • E-studies

  • Focus groups

  • Executive Interviews

  • Evaluation of current studies

  • Demographic profiling

  • Industry studies 

Manter Consulting evaluates the need for information directly applicable to decisions being made. We gather, analyze and interpret client and competitor data as well as market information from government and proprietary sources. We conduct extensive primary and secondary studies to best understand the market and the customer. Each client need is unique and all studies are customized to meet these unique needs.

"What are the best strategy options to meet our growth objectives?"
"What do our customers really want?"
"What's our plan for this new product venture?"
"What impacts customer satisfaction?"
"What barriers will we face if we enter this new market?"
"How can we best design this new facility to meet all our of customers' needs?"
"What's the future market look like for our services?"

“We enlisted the help of Manter Consulting to put together a comprehensive customer study and telephone survey to assess the perceptions and current attitudes of our customers toward our company. They took the time to understand what our goals were and performed each task on-time and within budget. The professional and detailed report we received provided us insight into our company perception and assisted in sales and marketing decisions. We will definitely use Manter Consulting in the future.”

Ron Wallace, Vice President, GivenHansco, Inc., Columbus, Ohio

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