Market Planning

Sound processes and information for successful market planning.

We are committed to delivering practical answers that you can put to work for your business.

At Manter Consulting, we provide market planning solutions that meet your specific business needs. We work with you to define and segment your market using company information, industry and competitor data.

Understanding your market is critical to developing positioning and branding strategies.

Market Planning

Samples of Projects - Market Planning

  • Market definitions and analysis
  • Promotional plan for a healthcare facility adding new capacity (space, physicians and equipment)
  • Market segmentation planning for a properties company
  • Planning for the feasibilty of a new technology product in a new market
  • Planning for emergency services for a large hospital
  • CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) functions for organizations
  • Industry and competitor analyses for a national flooring services company
  • Customer assessment analyses as market planning tool for compliance software company, national property management company, banks, fitness center,and other companies.

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