What We Do

"Successful strategy begins with asking the right questions. The right answers drive the right decisions."
Joan Manter

What We Do

At Manter Consulting we get answers to questions that help drive decisions. Some of the challenges posed to us by clients include:

"How can we attract the kind of customers we need for long term success?"
"Will a new location or new facility solve our problems?"
"How should we design our service offering in this market?"
"What barriers do we face if we enter that new market?"
"How can we better understand what our customers want?"
"How can we cost effectively monitor the satisfaction of our customers?"
"How can we best evaluate the needs of current customers, potential customers and those who no longer use our services?"

The Way We Work

At the onset of a new project, we partner with you and draw upon your expertise because you know your business best. We listen and work to understand what you are trying to accomplish. We determine the information that is needed, the best way to bring it to you and the processes required. We are diligent about finding answers to key questions that you need to address and then providing you with the best strategy options.

We distinguish our services through a unique perspective. Not only will we work with you to conduct the needed research for a product, but we interpret and apply this information for planning and strategy development. All of our work is customized to meet your unique needs. We provide information that is accurate, applicable and actionable.

Scioto Properties has worked with Manter Consulting for over 9 years. The work they have performed in market research, customer satisfaction surveys, and strategic planning, has been instrumental in assisting our senior management team in setting a successful direction for our growing organization. The work provided by Joan Manter and her team has been professional, affordable, and always on time. I would not hesitate to recommend Manter Consulting as a valuable resource to any organization; they have become a valued member of our team.

Mary Bea Eaton, Chief Operating Officer, Scioto, Columbus, Ohio

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