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Thursday21 January 2021


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"Manter Consulting facilitated our review of the human resources function from stem to stern. Starting with clarity about the mission and vision of the HR function, we painted a vivid picture of our desired future state, mapped the delivery model for the core functions, and laid out the change journey. Joan Manter came in after we had a "false start" on the project with another firm, quickly grasped the needs of the organization and the work I faced as a leader, and designed a process that enabled our success. She was collaborative but called out our best thinking. Manter Consulting is an effective partner - Joan listens well, creates and tests statements and visual models to capture group consensus, designs and manages projects keeping the end result in mind. She delivers quick turn-around times and spends our resources wisely. The best practices research conducted for us was specific, actionable, and comprehensive. As a small firm, you get the undivided attention of the principal when choosing Manter Consulting. They function seamlessly as an extension of my team."

Jane D. Crowley, Executive Vice President, Chief Administrative Officer

Catholic Health Partners, Cincinnati, Ohio                                       


If You Don't Know Where You are Going How Will You Know When You Get There?

Strategic Planning is simply the roadmap that guides where an organization plans to go and how to get there.  

It is critical to understand the industry, market customers and environmental factors that affect this plan. The organization's culture, history, mission and current issues must clearly be considered.

We believe that strategic planning is a carefully designed process that must be customized to meet the needs of the client organization. There is a focus on listening and making sure that the client has considered the perspectives of those who will be involved in the strategic planning or who will be significantly affected by the plan.

The strategic planning process must include a baseline of the organization's positioning and reputation from the perspectives of all relevant constituencies.


"We have used Joan many times over my 7+ years here. She and her staff bring an enormous depth of healthcare knowledge both as a consultant and from working directly in the field for other tertiary health systems. We have used Joan to provide periodic market share updates as well as customer preference studies to formulate and update our continuous five year strategic plan. She has also facilitated our off site strategic meetings which is attended by our three independent boards which fall under our single corporate umbrella. I have always been impressed with Joan’s advance preparation, ability to focus on the theme of the meeting and to help us bring people from all walks of professional lives to have a good understanding of the key issues on the table resulting in usable deliverables at the conclusion of retreats. Joan is well respected in Central and Southern Ohio for her end work product. She has a broad base of experience working with facilities and systems of all sizes, urban and rural, always getting the desired results and satisfied customers. One of her many talents is the ability to weave non-clinician leaders with clinician leaders so their focus is on the same end target. Her innate ability to encourage, get audience participation and buy-in has always been very impressive to me. I highly recommend her to help lead you and your facility through the most trying times our industry has ever experienced." 

Larry W. Thornhill, FACHE, President and CEO

Berger Health System


Our objectives of a strategic planning process include:

  1. Determine a process that best reflects the mission and culture of the organization.
  2. Achieve consensus on the strategic planning process with key internal leaders.
  3. Meaningfully involve all relevant stakeholders in the strategic planning process.
  4. Establish a clear actionable and accountable strategic direction.
  5. Ensure that the plan addresses key sustainable strategies that can be realistically aligned with the organization.


The most critical steps include:

1. Project Planning includes document review and meetings to develop a timeline.

2. Interviews with senior staff include the development of an interview guide, interviews, analysis and summary of findings.

3.Design of the planning process includes recommended processes, planning session to result in a process work plan.

4.Environmental analysis includes gathering needed information, analysis, compilation and report.

5.Facilitation and plan development includes the planning sessions and writing of the strategic plan.


Samples of Projects - Strategic Planning

  • Annual strategic planning retreats with hospital board and leadership, providing strategic planning session design, agenda and format, pre-retreat planning including pre-retreat objectives, interviewing of all top leadership and board members, retreat materials based on internal and external analysis, facilitation and retreat documents including strategic plan.
  • Planning retreat session for a large regional healthcare system, to develop a system-wide quality plan including session design, agenda and format, group dynamics, facilitation of sessions, summary documents and post-session documents.
  • Experience as Director of Strategic Planning, Product Development and Market Research for a multi-state insurance company, with sole responsibility for the development of the corporate strategic plan including management and measurement of the plan on all management levels.
  • Strategic planning responsibilities for key business units as Senior Director of Planning, Marketing, and Market Research at OhioHealth for Riverside Methodist Hospitals, Columbus, Ohio.
  • Strategic planning retreats for a national housing company, state level home health association, Habitat for Humanity, Central Ohio Symphony and other organizations.
  • Strategic market planning for numerous hospitals, affordable housing, construction and development companies, physician practices, a literacy coalition, a county workforce development agency, a county health department, the Children's Health Insurance Program, a medical peer review company and other organizations.