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Thursday21 January 2021


"Manter Consulting was highly responsive to the needs of our agency and community in completing a number of studies for the Health District.  The development and implementation of a Community Health Information Awareness Survey provided the District with vital information on health information and methods of reaching our constituents.  Additionally, Manter Consulting worked with our agency on a multi-year project, which resulted in an extremely successful media campaign, resulting in children receiving needed health insurance benefits."

                                                                                                                        Nancy  Shapiro,  Assistant Health Commissioner, Delaware General Health District



Samples of Projects - Healthcare

Community Attitude Studies

Community Assessments - Health System Development                                                   

 Medical needs analyses

  • Study of utilization patterns
  • Behavioral research
  • Provider analyses
  • Strategic Planning Process

Demand Studies

  • General surgery
  • Emergency services
  • Physical medicine

Emergency Services - Process/Facility Redesign Projects

  • Consumer and patient focus groups
  • One-on-one interviews with internal and external constituencies
  • Hospital staff focus groups

Employee Satisfaction Studies

Intensive Care Services - Process/Facility Redesign Projects

  • Consumer and hospital staff focus groups
  • One-on-one interviews with internal and external constituencies   

Location Studies 

Maternity Services Marketing Plan

Maternity Services- Level II Certificate of Need - Market Analyses

  • Constituency studies
  • Volume and patient origin studies
  • Market assessment

Maternity Services - Process/Facility Redesign Projects

  • Consumer and hospital staff focus groups
  • One-on-one interviews with internal and external constituencies
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Name studies 

Occupational Health Market Assessments

  • Market analysis and demand study
  • Study of illness and injury rates by industry group
  • Similar institution study
  • One-on-one interviews
  • Patient focus groups

Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy Market Study

  • Market demand
  • Competitive analyses

Quality Plan Research

  • Employee focus groups
  • Physician interviews
  • Planning processes
  • Facilitation of planning meetings
  • Quality plan development 

Regional Strategies-Location Analyses

Case Study - Maternity Services

In order to make the strategic decision to expand maternity services and renovate the unit or maintain current level of service, a market assessment was conducted.

The primary goals of this plan were:

  • To develop strategies, created and endorsed by physicians, staff and administrators, that would increase maternity volume over the next several years.
  • To introduce a new physician to the community through the possible promotional packaging of physicians performing obstetrical services.
  • To create a measurement tool and to develop strategies to ensure a high level of patient/family satisfaction among all maternity patients.
  • An internal assessment included an analysis of the current volume of maternity services, the estimated number of deliveries at other area hospitals, the trends in patient origin in the market area, the apparent reasons for the decline, the types of patients who are choosing to deliver elsewhere, physician volume trends, and payer mix trends. Secondly, patient focus groups were conducted to determine patient perceptions by market segment. In addition, a physician and staff opinion study was conducted.
  • The external assessment included a competitive analysis including analysis of volume, referral patterns, managed care impact and trends, trends by competitor and community attitude. There was also an exploration of trends affecting future maternity volume.

A multidisciplinary planning team and process was developed. The objectives of this process included:
  • Educating physicians and hospital staff about the situation through a presentation of the market analysis
  • Developing a consensus of the objectives of the plan
  • Strategy development
  • Maintaining strong communication throughout the planning process
  • Ensuring involvement and commitment in the implementation plan
  • The deliverables included:
    • Recommendation of implementation team members
    • Development of an implementation plan
    • Education of team members on the process and management of the plan
      • Development of evaluation mechanisms

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