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Monday01 March 2021

Why Manter Consulting

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  • Work customized to meet unique needs of each client
  • Respectful of client knowledge and culture
  • Information that is accurate, applicable and actionable
  • Positive track record of satisfied clients across many industries across the US
  • Associates with the education, experience and skills needed for sound planning amd research
  • Strong client relationships resulting in multiple engagements over time
  • Guaranteed always on time and always on budget deliverables for over 15 years

Core Competencies

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  • Strong planning and analysis abilities to ensure best strategic decisions
  • Ability to work at the board and upper-level management levels for strategic plan development and meeting facilitation
  • Market and customer research for business-to-business and business-to-consumer needs
  • Customized research plan design
  • Cost-effective methodologies
  • Disciplined project management

Types of Clients

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  • Hospitals, hospital systems, healthcare
  • Property management
  • Senior and affordable housing
  • Consulting
  • Higher education
  • Government
  • Non-profits
  • Professional services
  • Architectural firms, banks, fitness, IT, security and communication firms